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A different perspective

To see true potential you need to look at things differently

Specialists in Asia and Global Emerging Markets

The fastest growth and some of the highest level of innovation is happening in Asian and Emerging Market economies. With this progress comes a burgeoning middle class with a heightened propensity to consume and levels of company formation that is reminiscent of the United States in the early 20th century. We believe the opportunity to participate in this growth is a fantastic multi-decade opportunity.

At FSSA Investment Managers we believe that to consider the future, you need to understand the past. We believe that preserving capital is the most important aspect of growing it. And we believe that looking at things differently is more important than looking at things too closely. With this distinct perspective, we look to invest in good people running good businesses who can deliver sustainable, long-term growth.

We are an autonomous team within the First Sentier Investors Group (formerly First State Investments/CFSGAM) based in Hong Kong, Singapore and Edinburgh. Driven by fundamental company research, we look to invest in high quality companies that can outperform over the long-term. We manage US$37.2 billion^ on behalf of clients globally.

^Source: FSSA Investment Managers, as at 30 September 2021.

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1988 team established

Our history reflects our long-term approach; we look for quality companies that we can buy and hold over time.

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1600 company meetings

Every year, we conduct approx. 1,600 meetings to understand and engage with companies and their management.

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20+ investment professionals

Our team of specialists conduct fundamental analysis to find quality companies at sensible prices.

Meet the team

By constantly questioning each other and the investment case for our portfolio holdings we can focus on continued sustainable long-term returns for our clients.

A proud history

As responsible, long-term investors; our purpose has remain unchanged throughout our long and proud history.

How we invest

Our approach is centred on identifying quality companies, buying them at a sensible price and holding for the long term. We look for founders and management teams that act with integrity and risk awareness; and dominant franchises that have the ability to deliver sustainable and predictable returns over the long term.

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Bottom-up stock pickers

We invest in people and real businesses, not pieces of paper or stock market tickers. We do not forecast market movements and believe the best way to generate superior long-term returns is to identify highly competent management teams and entrust them to grow our clients’ capital, no matter the underlying economic backdrop.

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Focus on high quality companies 

We seek to invest in quality companies, as defined by the strength of their management, franchise and financials. We believe that management is by far the most important driver of quality, as the decisions management make affect the quality of the franchise and the attractiveness of a company’s financials over the long term.

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Long-term, responsible investors

ESG is a core part of our process and not an overlay or add on. We have always believed that sustainability issues are also investment issues and can have an outsized impact on a company’s returns. We find that the past is often the best guide to the future and refuse to invest where there have been poor practices in the past.

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